STANDING TALL: Sgt. Fred Casas, left, with Cpl. Gerry Sowards, is the only officer the Fullerton Police equipment superintendent has had to customize a motorcycle for in the last 30 years.


Our customers come in different shapes and sizes, We are not a one size fits all shop. If you are looking for a custom made uniform or need your present unifrom tailored, Sinatra is the place for you.

Sinatra Uniform has a wide range of patterns designed for a comfortable fit. After all you will be in your uniform all day, you should be comfortable.

Sinatra Uniform has its own fabrics and materials. At Sinatra Uniform, anything can be done, just ask.

  • Need your sleeves longer? shorter?
  • Maybe a tapered fit?
  • Do the pockets need to be raised, lowered or reinforced for a back-up weapon?
  • Are you pregnant?

Sinatra Uniform can tailor a uniform for you. We pay strict attention to quality and detail, to make you look like the professional you are.

Sinatra is a top to bottom service center for all your unifrom needs. This includes, your shoes, boots and Sam Browne equipment.

Come in and let our expert leather specialists make your leather look like new. If you dont have time to sit, then just drop off your spare boots, shoes and other items and we will take care of them while you are away.


Shoe Shining Tips:

  1. Use a damp cloth to prevent the fine coats of polish sticking to the cloth
  2. You want to keep on building up thin layers of wax until you have a completely smooth surface that gives the glossy shine.
  3. After the first heavy coat of polish you must use small amounts of polish to build up the shine. If you use too much polish, it will dissolve the base you have already built up.
  4. T-shirts work well for the cloth material, as do cloth diapers.
  5. Some people prefer to use rubbing alcohol instead of water.
  6. Finish off your shine with a pair of nylons

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Sinatra Uniform Address - 2614 South Main Street Los Angeles California 90007
Sinatra Uniform Address - 2614 South Main Street Los Angeles California 90007
Sinatra Uniform Phone - 213-747-1610 Sinatra Uniform Email - Sinatra Uniform Fax - 213-747-1352

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