About Us

Sinatra Uniforms has been synonymous with quality, custom made law enforcement uniforms for over 35 years. David Cabrera has been in the uniform business for over 25 years, first as tailor and manager of then Sinatra Manufacturing, and now as owner of the New Sinatra Uniform Company.

Sinatra Uniform is the only custom uniform maker in Los Angeles, located at 226 West 27th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007. David along with his daughter Nancy and their staff produce the finest quality uniforms for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Los Angeles Sheriff Department (LASD), and California Highway Patrol (CHP). Sinatra Uniform is also the first choice for the motion picture industry, as well as funeral escort services all over Southern California.

What makes Sinatra Uniform different from other uniforms? At Sinatra Uniform, we start with the most important component of the uniform, you. Our customers come in different shapes and sizes, We are not a one size fits all shop.

Sinatra Uniform has a wide range of patterns designed for a comfortable fit. After all you will be in your uniform all day, you should be comfortable. In addition, Sinatra Uniform, has its own fabrics and materials. For long lasting daily use uniforms Sinatra Uniform has a heavy duty wool fabric, in addition too its medium weight material for those who like a softer material with the same durability.


  • I've been getting all my uniforms from David at Sinatras for years. Sinatra's uniforms always look sharp and they wear very well. David's tailoring is excellent.

    -S. Diaz, Deputy Chief (Parker Center)

  • When our traffic bureau wants the best uniforms for our motor’s we only trust Sinatra Breeches and Shirts.

    -SGT. Scott Wiese, Traffic Bureau Commander

  • The quality and fit are outstanding. These uniforms are worth every penny.

    -A.P. 2009